Sermons by Neil Collier

DateTitleBible PassageSpeakerDownload Listen
29/07/18God is Our RefugePsalm 91Neil Collier290718.mp3290718.mp3
29/03/18A New CommandmentJohn 13:31-38Neil Collier290318.mp3290318.mp3
20/08/17Elijah: Passing on the Mantle1 Kings 19:19-21Neil Collier200817e.mp3200817e.mp3
28/05/17Elijah - Depressed or Delivered?1 Kings 19:1-19Neil Collier280517e.mp3280517e.mp3
16/04/17No Guilt or FearJohn 20:19-31Neil Collier160417.mp3160417.mp3
19/03/17Elijah Asks: Whose Side Are You On?1 Kings 18Neil Collier190317e.mp3190317e.mp3
07/08/16Elijah: The Big Picture1 Kings 17:7-24Neil Collier070816e.mp3070816e.mp3
25/03/16The Wondrous Cross SurveyedLuke 23:26-27, 32-43Neil Collier250316.mp3250316.mp3
28/02/16Elijah: On His Own With God1 Kings 17:1-6Neil Collier280216e.mp3280216e.mp3
24/01/16Elijah - commitment, courage & confrontation1 Kings 17:1Neil Collier240116e.mp3240116e.mp3
08/11/15A Symphony of PraisePsalm 145Neil Collier081115e.mp3081115e.mp3
03/04/15Three Persons - Three ReactionsLuke 23:26-46Neil Collier030415.mp3030415.mp3
18/01/15Advancing in Holiness1 Peter 2:1-10Neil Collier180115e.mp3
17/08/14Where There's Hope, There's Life1 Peter 1:1-9Neil Collier170814.mp3
01/06/14Love and Purity equals UnityEphesians 4:1-32Neil Collier010614.mp3
16/03/14Is it Fair?Psalm 37:1-40Neil Collier160314.mp3

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