Sermons by Daniel Ridgway

DateTitleBible PassageSpeakerDownload Listen
24/11/19Who Are You Going to Call?1 Samuel 17Daniel Ridgway241119e.mp3241119e.mp3
28/07/19The Lord Was With Him1 Samuel 16Daniel Ridgway280719e.mp3280719e.mp3
26/05/19Two Ways to LivePsalm 1Daniel Ridgway260519e.mp3260519e.mp3
24/02/19The God of CompassionJonah 4Daniel Ridgway240219e.mp3240219e.mp3
27/01/19Destination NinevehJonah 3Daniel Ridgway270119e.mp3270119e.mp3
27/05/18Salvation Comes From the LordJonah 1:17-2:10Daniel Ridgway270518e.mp3270518e.mp3
29/04/18God Has a PlanJonah 1:4-17Daniel Ridgway290418e.mp3290418e.mp3
04/02/18The Reluctant ProphetJonah 1Daniel Ridgway040218e.mp3040218e.mp3
19/11/17The Way of the CrossMark 8:31-38Daniel Ridgway191117e.mp3191117e.mp3
30/07/17I Was Blind But Now I SeeJohn 9:1-41Daniel Ridgway300717e.mp3300717e.mp3
12/03/17Two Men Went to PrayLuke 18:9-14Daniel Ridgway120317e.mp3120317e.mp3
20/03/16God Saves His PeopleExodus 3:1-15Daniel Ridgway200316e.mp3200316e.mp3

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